Explorers of the Brain

 Broadcast Nationally, Summer, 2015

This program takes audiences to the front lines of research in brain science, to meet a dozen leading scientists and engineers working to bring us closer to a fundamental understanding of how and why the brain does what it does. Produced in association with the National Science Foundation.

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The Mind of the Innovator

Broadcast Nationally, Spring 2012

We’re told almost daily that we need innovation; that it drives prosperity and economic growth and is the engine of job creation.   We hear about these innovations all the time.   But do we ever stop and wonder where the innovation comes from?  What fosters it?  How we keep it flowing?  In this program we tell the stories of some of real-world change-makers, examine just where their big ideas come from and demonstrate exactly how innovators cultivate an environment of curiosity and experimentation.

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WAMU at 50

Broadcast Fall 2011

WAMU-FM went on the air in October, 1961.  This program looks back at 50 years, exploring how the station moved from a 7-hour-a-day obscurity to an institution vital to our civic life.  We look at the station’s legacy, its prominent personalities and how it has interacted with the Washington, DC community.

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Engineering Pharmaceuticals

Broadcast nationally in 2010

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Part of the “Grand Challenges” series from the Purdue University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Purdue College of Engineering.  A fact that stands out over all the noise of the health-care debate is that it costs one-billion-dollars to put a new medicine in your doctor’s hand.  And while a number that big is going to pose some questions, drug companies today are turning out some real game changers.

Race and the Space Race

Aired Nationally, February 2010


In the early 1960s, the segregated heart of the old Confederacy was chosen as the base for new agency, NASA. Hear the stories of people whose lives soared from the cotton fields to the launch pad.

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Rocket Girls and Astro-nettes

Broadcast nationally in 2010


Voted 2011’s Outstanding Documentary by American Women in Radio and Television

Stories of women struggling in the ultimate “Man’s World,” NASA in the 60s and 70s.  Hear from the first women scientists and engineers, the first women astronauts and from women who, in 1961, were told they would be astronauts.

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“Rocketing Ahead”

Broadcast nationally in 2010

How the Democrats rode Sputnik to the White House in a campaign that forever changed science, technology and academia in America.

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Broadcast nationally in 2009


Part of the “Global Challenges” series, produced for the Purdue University College of Engineering. No question there’s plenty of bad news when it comes to the environment. But in this program we hear about scientists and engineers who are working, right now, on some of the tools we hope will lift us out of our environmental malaise.

“After Oil”


Broadcast nationally in 2007


Part of the “Global Challenges” series, produced for the Purdue University College of Engineering.  When we look at all the things that made America what it is, it’s fair to say that for the last hundred years or so America has been shaped, more than anything, by cheap oil. But as people begin telling us that the cheap oil is almost gone the question becomes: Considering the devastation that “Peak Oil” could cause to our lives and lifestyles, can we act before the crisis?

“Shakespeare is a Black Woman: Shakespeare in American Politics”


Broadcast nationally in 2007

Part of the series “Shakespeare in American Life.” This program explores how Shakespeare’s work has intertwined itself with American electoral politics, geopolitics, and racial, class and academic politics. It also explores how Shakespeare has been used for political purposes throughout American history.

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